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Make Money?

Dukkaun? Extra space means Income or start shop or business @ best price


Do you know?  The business world can be divided into only two kind of people:


Space Owner & Space Seeker 


Owner: One who has space for a business and wants to Earn


Seeker: Who has a dream to start or promote a business or shop but don’t have space


Don’t have a property or land? You, yourself are also a virtual space, Register and become Torchbearers to earn.


On Dukkaun you can post your smallest or extra space to earn rental income.

On Dukkaun you can find your affordbale shop or business space at best price.


Dukkaun gives space owners FREE platform to register any extra or smallest property to Earn income. Similarly, any small shop or business space seeker can register the requirement all with no charges. Questions? Miss call or WhatsApp @ +919958959511



 Register > Post > Search> Contact


Contact the party using contact details and make an agreement on price, dates and duration.


Begin the journey of mutual profit!!